Woman who developed stage four cancer after doctors misdiagnosed her symptoms is now cancer free

A woman who developed stage breast four cancer after doctors misdiagnosed her symptoms is now cancer free and doing well. Mum-of-two Lindsey Gritton first noticed that something was wrong when she felt a burning pain under her right armpit, close to her breast, in April last year.

She said she had the pain on and off for a week before she found a worrying marble-sized lump just outside the right side of her breast. Gritton, who was expecting second child Savannah at the time, said it reminded her of a clogged milk duct she’d had during her first pregnancy, but that she wasn’t able to unclog it herself so sought medical advice.

He ob-gyn agreed with her initial assessment that it was a blocked milk duct, and went on to prescribe antibiotics to treat the resulting mastitis. However, despite the doctor confidently saying she’d seen it ‘a thousand times’, Gritton wasn’t convinced as it felt different to the last time she’d experienced a clogged duct.

After insisting on getting an ultrasound, she was told it was likely she had invasive ductal carcinoma. It was later confirmed by a biopsy that the disease had likely already spread into a stage four case, although doctors couldn’t confirm this because she was pregnant, meaning there was a risk that a PET scan’s radioactive sensors could present to her then-unborn daughter.

Because of the dire situation, Lindsey was induced three weeks before her due date so that treatment on her cancer could begin. Almost one year on, Gritton is now thankfully cancer free, having shared the happy news with her fans a few months ago. “Praising God for more time with my family,” she wrote

“It’s been a long crazy journey and it’s still not over (I still need surgery and radiation) but right now I’m celebrating No Evidence Of Disease! The words I never thought I would hear. I’m cancer free and hopefully stay that way forever. “No matter what you’re going through. I urge you to always have faith in God. He healed me and I’m forever grateful!”

And she seems to be going from strength to strength, having this week posted a smiling video of her new hair, which has finally grown back after chemotherapy. She’s even dyed it a bold peroxide blonde, saying: “I did it!” Earlier in March, Gritton also marked 10 months of daughter Savannah, saying the family had enjoyed many ‘miracles’ over the past year.

“Wow… it’s been 10 months,” she said. “10 months of life, love, and miracles. Through it all I have chosen to not live my life in fear. I’ve decided whatever happens, happens. I trust God and his plan for me. Whatever that plan is. I’ve seen a true miracle play out before my eyes. Thank you Heavenly Father for every single day. I’ve been truly blessed.”

If you’ve been affected by any of these issues and want to speak to someone in confidence, contact Macmillan’s Cancer Support Line on 0808 808 00 00, 8am–8pm seven days a week

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