The exhausted new father thinks he is rocking the baby, but he isn’t!

Every new parent has been in the same situation as this tired father. Parenting is challenging. Any new parent has felt exhausted, and longed for a nap while caring for their child. This is the case with this couple. The baby is fast asleep in his mother’s arms, which is humorous given that the new father is across the room cradling what he assumes to be his child. He’s rocking himself away, attempting to soothe the infant with his best new parent techniques.

He has no idea that he is soothing a robed figure. He’s so tired that he tries to re-apply the ‘baby’s cap, arrange the sheets to fit its face, and gently cuddle it to sleep. That is something that every parent has felt. It’s comical that this poor father doesn’t even see that his wife is holding the child because he’s starring at her.

One thing is certain: he knows how to move! If he was indeed carrying his newborn, they’d be fast asleep by now. Even if he’s exhausted, he’s a great parent!

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