NO BIG DEAL! Little People’s Tori Roloff claps back at fans who slammed her for taking 3 young kids on Disneyland trip in new video

LITTLE People star Tori Roloff has snapped at critics who questioned her decision to take her young kids to Disneyland. The reality star took to Instagram to post highlights from their trip and a message to fans. Tori Roloff clapped back at critics who questioned her decision to take her young kids to Disneyland Tori shared a video montage with highlights from their trip, showing the kids seemingly having a blast

She noted the importance of the vacation for her saying ‘she’ll never forget it’In the post, Tori shared a video montage of her, her husband Zach, 32, and their kids: Jackson, five; Lilah, three; and Josiah, nine months, enjoying their getaway.The first pic showed the family of five posing in front of Cinderella’s castle at the Magic Kingdom theme park.Tori then shared a video of her and Lilah on a ride, capturing the little one’s joyful reaction.“Why do you take your kids to Disneyland so young? They won’t remember it?” she wrote atop the clip.

The video continued to showcase moments of the youngsters smiling and seemingly having a blast as they took in the park’s many attractions.The little ones were also all smiles together in their resort and while relaxing at the hotel pool.The last clip was of Tori holding Josiah, who donned a hat of mickey ears, as the duo watched a parade go by.The happy mom included the words: “They won’t remember it, but I’ll never forget it.”Tori again gushed over the experience in her caption: “Forever grateful for trips like this,” tagging the famed park.

The LPBW star has been sharing photos and videos from their week at the “Happiest Place on Earth” on social media.Last Thursday, she admitted she “teared up” while standing in front of the iconic Disney castle.She later shared photos with her kids, again boasting about the time they were having. Tori continued to flood her Instagram over the weekend with memorable moments from the California getaway, including some pool time with the kids.

The TLC personality sat on the pool steps and donned a floral swimsuit while holding her newborn son, Josiah, on her lap. Her and Zach’s only daughter sat beside them, rocking a vibrant yellow-plaid print bathing suit, as she smiled for the camera. Tori captioned her touching story: “My water babies!!!!”She shared additional images of Jackson jetting down a waterslide while wearing a life jacket and of Zach holding Josiah in the water.

Despite the seemingly perfect vacation, Tori noted that traveling with little ones didn’t always go smoothly.On Wednesday, Tori shared in her Stories that the plane ride home wasn’t easy with her baby son, Josiah. She apologized to fellow passengers for her son’s behavior, writing: “To all passengers on that flight: Sorry,” One of her followers replied, and Tori decided to screenshot and share her message. The woman wrote: “Hey Tori, I was flying with my kids, and my baby was fussing and crying which made me so anxious, I was almost crying too cause he wouldn’t stop.

“A male flight attendant said to me not to worry, babies cry, and he would love to hear his cry one more time cause he lost his. “Made me look at it differently. No one knows what others are going through. Others should have empathy for the situation. YOU GOT THIS. I hope you are ok…” they added. Responding to the message, mom-of-three Tori, said: “I read this and straight up cried. Perspective is such a powerful thing to have.”

And elaborating on her own situation, she wrote: “Josiah was just tapped out on the way home and super fussy on the plane. Nothing major.” Tori went on to confirm that she had been inundated with questions about their trip and would be doing an Instagram Live so that she could answer all of them.Tori has been sharing photos and videos from their family trip all week

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