This frustrated mom shared the moment she found a poorly parked truck blocking her from getting her baby into her car.Aubree Jones (@whataboutaub) is a parent and TikToker who shares sweet videos of her husband and kids, along with plenty of amusing moments from her life.While most of Aubree’s videos are upbeat, the mom took to TikTok recently to share a moment of frustration.

Upon returning to her car with her baby in tow, the mom found it blocked in by a truck that had parked over the line! The video shows just how frustrating other people’s inconsiderateness can be.The video begins with Aubree approaching her parking spot only to find that a truck has parked next to her. While this would normally be fine, the truck has parked over the line, leaving only a few inches between its doors and the doors of Aubree’s car.

Aubree is able to open the automatic sliding doors on her car, but the truck is parked so close, she can’t get to them. She stands behind her car with her baby napping in a stroller in front of her.“I guess sliding doors don’t matter when someone parks over the line,” Aubree says, panning the camera from the poorly parked truck to her car, then down to her baby.

“Can’t get her in!” Aubree exclaims in exasperation as the video ends.TikTokers took to the comments to share in Aubree’s frustration.“The lines are there for a reason,” one user wrote.“I’d be going into the store and making them make an announcement for whoever’s vehicle that is,” one sympathetic viewer wrote.

“I was 8 months pregnant [and] with a 2-year-old when this happened to me. I had to climb through the other side,” another parent shared.

Aubree’s video serves as a reminder that bad parking isn’t a victimless crime!

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