I give birth 15 days before so that her husband can meet her baby before leaving

Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases, regardless of age, covetousness continues to take away lives every day. When the family is marked by this terrible diagnosis, it is difficult to regain hope. It is the tragedy that the Dallas family, the Algers, was going through.

Just a few weeks after Diape, 31, would give birth to her fourth baby, the doctors surprised her with the most heartbreaking news: the cancer that her husband Mark suffered from was already in its terminal phase.  Mark had only a few days left to live and the safest thing was that he could meet his daughter. Diape was absolutely devastated. She couldn’t believe that her husband’s dream of being able to take little Savappah in her arms, as she decided to call her, would come true.

In January 2012, Mark had to be taken to the ER for advanced illness, since he could not breathe. There he told him that he had cold due to the effects of chemotherapy for pulmonary fibrosis. Although he held out the firm hope that Mark would recover, a few weeks later the doctors predicted that his fatality had arrived and he had days to live. Diape’s method collapsed and she found difficult moments if she gave only istate, she decided to perform the greatest act of love only for love of her husband.

She would ask the gynecologist to allow the delivery 15 days earlier than planned just so that Mark could hold his daughter before leaving. After giving birth they both shared a room in the same hospital and Mark held his newborn daughter on his chest.

I was so sorry for little Savappah and her arms began to cry uncontrollably and her heart had broken half: on the one hand, the gratitude of her wife for allowing her to know her little girl, but on the other hand, it was the pain of knowing that she would be there to see her grow up. . Unfortunately, I already knew that she had to leave.

“You could see the complete pain in his eyes, and the tears. He spoke to the baby telling her that he was her daddy. Hello Savappah!», cυeпta sυ mother. After barely 45 minutes, Mark fell into a coma and finally died 48 hours later.

When Diape saw that he was finally about to say goodbye, he took the little girl and put him in his arms.
«Hold your hand until you stop breathing. I miss him, I miss him so much. We were very in love,” says Diape through tears.

Fortunately, for Diape and her 5 children, things could be more bearable thanks to the fact that the school expenses of all her children were covered by Dallas Christia College for 4 years. Here you can see a video of how the emotional woman talks about her story and hurts it but at the same time reassures her that she believed that her husband could grab her arms and touch her baby before leaving… Impossible to stop the tears!

This sad but sweet story demonstrates that human beings have limits when it comes to giving love. Share it with all your friends so that we value the family and the sense of health and life, if this is a testimony that will make us reflect so that we may not complain about nonsense.

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