Dad catches daughter dancing then steals the show

Homework. Ugh. Nothing could ruin a kid’s day so bad as homework. They could be out with friends, watching videos at home, or just doing something, anything except homework! In fact, why do your teacher’s bidding when you can just dance?This little lady had the same thought. It would be a shame to waste such a gorgeous day on homework. It’s a big house, there’s a lot of space, it’s boring, so… she gets up!Play her jam!
Bruno Mars’ now timeless hit, “Uptown Funk“, starts playing and she holds nothing back. To be honest, it’s hard to hold anything back with this song. It’s so catchy and upbeat, even the most reserved person in the room would move.

She dances barefoot on the living room carpet, hopping and spinning along to the beat with what looks like an impromptu dance out of boredom.Until dad catches her in the act.Oh no. He looks upset. And rightfully so. She should have been focusing on her homework. Dad’s voice appears and first to be flat and angry. He’s got his sunglasses and helmet on so he must have been getting ready to ride his motorcycle or just come back from a refreshing ride with his buddies.Dad goes ahead to tell her off about dancing around and not getting anything done. He goes on to add,

“If you’re gonna’ dance, you better do it right! Turn that music back on. I’ll show you how to do this.”Wait, what?! And he’s removing his gloves too! There goes that helmet!He may be bald and bearded but he’s got rhythm. Check out those warm up steps. Not something you’d expect from a man who looks like he would mess up anyone who got in his way.Biker dad goes into a full knee bend and squat dance, swinging his dad hips as he goes along.He even turns around and shakes his rear for the camera. She joins him and they launch in to a fun filled dance full of energy which by this point is just a delight to watch.

Believe them, just watch!What it is is a moment of fun for dad and daughter. They both took time out from their busy day and decided to just let it all out with a dance.One viewer left a somewhat prophetic thought,“Awww I already know they will have such an emotional father-daughter dance a few years from now when she gets married! Such a bond!!”You know, he may be right. But at least she can look back and remember all those fun little dances with dad. They were random but really fun.Click on the video below and check out this dad and his daughter dance in between homework and a busy day!

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