Baby who’s never spoken reads book all about dads and finally says ‘mama’

Every parent looks forward to the milestone when they finally hear their baby utter their very first word. Of course, parents also can’t help but wonder which word it’s gonna be first- mama or dada?
It takes months of vocalizing and verbal experimentation to get our babies going. From oohs, ahhs, and cooing to sing-song combos of consonants with vowels.

Basically, you’ll make some pretty strange noises as you try to gently nudge your baby into speaking its first words.
Then, the 8th month finally rolls around where parents expect the magic to happen.
For babies, they will probably start stringing together “ma-ma” and “da-da” sounds without necessarily knowing what they mean.Often they just repeat whatever word they hear the most, or so some people think. But for the parents, it’s a developmental milestone that feels like magic, leaving them on cloud nine.

Usually, moms win this battle because of the time they get to spend with their babies.
So, dads have been coming up with creative ways to steal this win.
Fathers all over the world have been waging a secret campaign to ensure that their babies’ first word is going to be “dada.”

But how does it work? Surely it’s not that easy given how little time they get to bond with their newborns because they have to work hard and provide food for their families.
Obviously, they must resort to trickery.

But worry no more daddies because one of the most popular entertainers in the world and NBC’s The Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, saves the day.
With Fallon’s illustrated board book entitled “Your Baby’s First Word Will Be DADA,” life for troubled daddies will be easier.

Or, so they think.One dad’s hilarious attempt has taken the world by storm.
The mother was kind enough to let the daddy use the board book in making their baby say his first word, giving the father many chances of winning.
The book features numerous pairs of animals that teach the word dada first, followed by the sound that a particular animal makes.

Dad goes the extra mile with it.

He even goes to great lengths to make the hilarious noises each animal would normally make. Clearly, he’s trying to win his kiddo over with his humor, but will it work?His baby seems really amazed with his daddy, laughing at his antics and all. This makes the daddy feel confident somehow. However, the baby has a different word in mind.

Dad is left totally devastated by his baby’s first word.
The two of them keep turning the page in their colorful book but daddy is starting to worry that the pages of the book are starting to run out, and the baby still hasn’t spoken yet.
He acts even better at mimicking each sound, enunciating every syllable of “dada” more pronounced and loudly.

Finally, the baby says “mama”.

That’s right around the time that daddy’s jaw hit the floor.This unexpected and overwhelming defeat of the father makes his wife roar with laughter.And as if on cue, the baby crawls to her mom making the wife laugh even harder.
The gesture is like rubbing salt in his wounds. He has never felt so betrayed in his whole life.
Not to worry, dad. Your baby will say your name eventually. Maybe try picking up a “Mama” book, instead?

Watch this baby collapse all of dad’s first-word dreams in the adorable video below!
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