2nd grader from Menlo Park steals holiday show with wild dance moves

MENLO PARK, Calif. – A 2nd grader from Menlo Park is getting attention from around the state after he stole the spotlight during the holiday show. Jaden Williams – the one on the far right in the 49ers jacket — and 14 classmates were singing Dec. 14 during the show at Beechwood Shool, when he started dancing.

And not just any kind of dancing. Break dancing. Wiggly dancing. Robot dancing. Ashley Nicole Williams, the mother of one of the other students, recorded Jaden’s dance moves and posted the performance on Instagram. The other students seem surprised, but keep singing.

When it was Johnny’s turn to perform, he stepped onto the stage and started moving to the music. He spun and twirled and jumped, and everyone in the audience was amazed by his wild dance moves. Johnny was having so much fun dancing that he didn’t even realize how well he was doing.

But then something even more exciting happened. The crowd started clapping and cheering for Johnny, and he knew that he had really stolen the show. Johnny’s friends and teachers were all so proud of him, and Johnny felt like the happiest boy in the world.

After the holiday show was over, Johnny’s parents told him how proud they were of him too. Johnny couldn’t stop smiling, because he knew that he had done something really special. And he couldn’t wait to show off his dance moves at the next school performance.

So if you ever see Johnny dancing in Menlo Park, be sure to join in and have some fun. Who knows, you might even learn some new dance moves from him!” The audience goes wild.

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